About Amanda

Amanda BracksAmanda Bracks has been inspiring business owners, managers and their teams in new client acquisition and customer retention since 1995. She is a customer growth specialist focusing on combining fun and innovative prospecting methods to attract customers, diverse marketing campaigns to attract different markets, thorough sales systems to close sales easily and strong customer service procedures to keep customers longer.

Amanda has personally managed many small businesses growing them from virtually nothing and sometimes from a massive loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars into a profit of millions of dollars in a short period of time. She has won many business awards along the way.

Amanda has been a mentor to thousands of sales people, customer service representatives and businesses owners, is a professional presenter, organises businesses conferences and writes articles for business publications.

Her insights into prospecting, marketing, sales and customer retention will help any small business learn to be different and focus on getting key systems implemented to ensure long term success. Planning for success is the best initial investment you can have for your business.

Amanda’s passion is to see more small and medium businesses survive the hardship they face during their first few years of opening and thrive during these times by implementing some of her proven strategies and ideas. Many of the ideas and tips she shares can be adapted into any industry with a little adjusting and will give business owners peace of mind and stability whilst building a business. You don’t get taught a lot about how to build a business when you buy one and Amanda has worked with many owners and managers who have found themselves in this predicament.
She has used many of her strategies to help them grow, inspire them to be their best, motivate them that
it can be done and shown them to have a little fun along the way.